Block Force 2.2.4 MOD APK | Unlimited money mod apk

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Block Force MOD Apk 2.2.4 | Unlimited money

Introduction block force mod apk

Square Force mod apk  follows a nitty gritty and direct style, where the game is set in a brutal fight scene with many adversaries. The player’s work in that affliction is to compute and organize guarded works and convey firearms to battle the groundbreaking and ensure power. In Block Force, gamers will get to know two parts in each level, one is development, and the other is safeguard. With the development cluster, players will mastermind and orchestrate structures (displayed through square squares) with explicit capacities, for example, giving energy, lighting for night fights, or cultivating with regenerative capacities. All highlights help to plan players for the extreme difficulties ahead. In the meantime, in the safeguard fragment, players will submerge themselves in an appropriate FPS game, shooting scenes with projectiles flooding the screen. The thought with a basic articulation through precise models makes it hard for Block Force to uncover a FPS title’s activity quality. That the force, gunfire, and effect of the game’s shots are as yet found with many clique shooting items. That is only the external layer since somewhere inside, Block Force additionally conveys many quality components. The game permits players to change and make extra qualities for the firearms and weapons, making the stockpile that gamers can get to appear to increment commonly about the amount. With this benefit, Block Force takes players to encounter huge loads of decisions in real life style and be overpowered by incalculable choices and inundated relentlessly in the game.Block Force mod apk 


  1. Genres                 Action
  2. Version                  2.2.4
  3. Developer              Riovox
  4. Requires                 4.1
  5. Size                         162mb
  6. MOD Features     Unlimited Money


1. Online competitiveness and optimized network experience: 1 server has five
regions (Global, US, EU, Asia, JP)
2. More players fight in one room: up to 20 players are in the same place.
3. Graphics: shocking with 3D pixel style visual effects.
4. Sound effect: professional sound design.
5. Five modes: deathmatch, homicide match, water splash, explosion, mutation.
6. Friend system: Add friends to the game and fight with partners all over the
7. Skin editing: create your skin.
8. Hat and Pu: Equip your character with a hat or cloak.
9. Growth system: Continue to fight to promote your level.
10. Slots: Win all the items in the game from here.
11. Reward system: rich game rewards, giving you lasting combat power
12. Reasonable in the game store: Provides more choices.

Game play


Block Force mod apk follows a no-frills and straightforward style, where the game is set in a violent battle scene with many enemies. The player’s job in that adversity is to calculate and arrange defensive works and carry guns to fight the front line and protect sovereignty. In Block Force, gamers will get acquainted with two splits in each level, one isconstruction, and the other is defense. With the construction array, players will arrange and arrange buildings (shown through square blocks) with specific functions such as providing energy, lighting for night battles, or farming with regenerative abilities. All features help to prepare players for the tough challenges ahead. Meanwhile, in the defense segment, players will immerse themselves in a proper FPS game, shooting scenes with bullets flooding the screen. The idea with a simple expression through angular models makes it difficult for Block Force to reveal an
FPS title’s action quality. That the recoil, gunfire, and impact of the game’s projectiles are still found with many cult shooting products. But that is just the outer layer because deep inside, Block Force also carries many quality elements. The game allows players to customize and create additional gharacteristics for the guns and weapons, making the arsenal that gamers can access seem to increase many times about the quantity. With this advantage, Block Force takes players to experience tons of choices in action style and be overwhelmed by countless options and immersed non-stop in the game. Block Force mod apk 



How to install Block Force mod apk

Download Block Force mod apk

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Block Force MOD APK is a CS gunfight pixel type game. It’s anything but a first-individual activity mode and performs online PK with world players. The match is awesome, you can play it anyplace and whenever. Block Force is another online pixel FPS game freely created by JoyDo Studio of Riovox. They submit us to fostering the best online pixel shooting match-up for everybody, and we present to you a shiny new encounter for you. Continue to battle to turn into the best shooter. Join the battleground in the Block Force game on Android to change into
non-mortal heavy weapons specialists, battle against zombies, abnormal beasts and annihilate the large Boss to turn into the primary shooter of the game. Rapidly download the game to your gadget and experience the sensational game space with heaps of new weapons and hardware for inconsistent fights.


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